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12 Dec
How to Qualify for a Home Loan
Buying a property is a big financial commitment with mortgages, down payments and credit scores –it can feel like a daunting process. However, providing a safe home for you and your family is also a very exciting prospect that will add stability and security to your life....
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12 Dec
Researching a New Affordable Housing Development: What to Know Before Moving In
The price of property in South Africa has grown significantly over the past few years and with a similar growth in population – the demand for more affordable accommodation has emerged. Due to this need, many affordable property developments have been established, with...
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15 Oct
Housing South Africa Launches
Housing South Africa is an exciting venture which was launched in September 2017, in conjunction with Some of South Africa's largest Developers in the affordable housing sector. The aim of this project is to provide first time homeowners with a central point to access,...
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Housing SA

Welcome to Housing South Africa!

HSA connects buyers with sellers in  the South African affordable housing market. We have partnered up with some of the largest regional developers in the industry to create a portfolio of developements and properties to suit a variety of locations, lifestyles and budgets.